The Deeptones

11-piece deep funk & soul from Columbus, OH

The Deeptones specialize in funk. You know, that genre of music that makes even people with two left feet get up and shake their thang. A style of music that sprouted in the age where songs were released on vinyl records with an A side and a B side. Everyone remembers the A side, but the forgotten B
side tracks didn’t get much radio play. Why? Well, maybe they were just too funky for the airwaves! That’s where The Deeptones step in. We bring back those deeper tracks you forgot how much you loved to get down to. The Deeptones also play modern funk that might have flown under the radar from all you music lovers. But why stop there? To keep the flavor of funk alive for future generations, The Deeptones also
have a selection of their own original compositions. Still
holding on to the traditional stylings of old school funk, we put our stamp on our favorite music for everyone to get down to!

Who are The Deeptones? This supergroup is comprised of ten veteran musicians from the Columbus music scene. With a solid rhythm section comprised of drums, bass, keys, and two guitars; the group rounds out with a three piece horn section, male and female lead vocalists and multiple backup vocals to bring a
powerhouse of funk to every performance. Whether you need an hour set for a special event or a
complete night of funk to the bone, The Deeptones have you covered. The Deeptones love to give back to our community. Have a charity in mind you would like us to donate to when we play your venue? Let us know, and we’ll donate at least 10% of any money we make to the cause of your choice. Have an event to raise awareness where all proceeds go tothat foundation? We would love to support your cause!
If you’re looking for entertainment that will get bodies
moving and having a good time, look no further. The
Deeptones will gladly shake things up for you.


Photographer: Aaron Bauer

Musician: The Deeptones

Venue: Victory's Live - Columbus, OH 2013